Week 11: Rep Kelley Packer – 2016 Idaho Legislative Wrap Up Report

A lot of work in only 11 weeks. In my legislative wrap up, we talk about Bibles in school, permitless carry, hybrid fees and more. Thank you to my fellow legislators for their sacrifice and service to our great state. I am happy to be home. https://soundcloud.com/kelley-packer/week-11-rep-kelley-packer-2016-idaho-legislative-wrap-up-report

Week 8: Rep. Kelley Packer – 2016 Legislative Report

I have the flu this week but I did a short report anyway. We celebrated Idaho Day last week, wrapped up issues with the Real ID, purchasing and tackled the Right to Try legislation that would allow a terminally ill person to try experimental medications that might lengthen their life. https://soundcloud.com/kelley-packer/week-8-rep-kelley-packer-2016-idaho-legislative-report