Candidate for Idaho's
2018 Lt. Governor

I grew up in a small rural town in Idaho, believing I lived in the greatest state. Now, I am a successful mother, business woman, and Legislator who still believes Idaho is the greatest state.

Join me as I work to become Idaho's next Lt. Governor.

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To encourage and create better efficiencies in government.


This doesn’t mean just more jobs, it also means better-paying jobs.


Identify major issues and strategies before legislative sessions start.

The Idaho Tour Is Complete

We did it! 44 counties, 5 reservations and 205 incorporated Idaho cities. I love Idah❤️ !

Kelley Packer 200 City RV Tour

200 Cities Visited

Grangeville, Idaho- Today, Idaho Lt. Governor candidate Kelley Packer visited her 200th city and all five Indian Reservations in Idaho. When Packer kicked off her campaign on April 10th, she committed to touring Idaho by making stops at all 200 incorporated cities and the five federally recognized Indian Reservations by the end of October.




Sen. Jim Guthrie, Sen. Mark Harris,
Rep. Randy Armstrong, Rep. Dustin Manwaring,
Rep. Marc Gibbs, Rep. Julie Van Orden,
Rep. Neil Anderson, Rep. Wendy Horman,
and Rep. Van Burtenshaw
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I've spent some time today reflecting on the past 6 months and what it took, in time, money and other resources, to accomplish our 205 city tour. There are many people that I owe a debt of gratitude to, but I want to thank one in particular, my mom, Charlyne Sutton. She and my dad, graciously allowed me to wrap their RV and take it on the road, which meant they wouldn't be able to use it. Then, after my dad passed away on April 28th, she continued to encourage and selflessly support me in my dream, even taking time out of her schedule to travel with me, from time to time. I'll never be able to thank her enough for her love, her support, her encouragement...for all she's done for me both now and throughout my life. I love you, mom! I'm blessed to have you in my life! Thank you for being my mom and most importantly, for being you❣️❣️ ... See MoreSee Less

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We did it! 44 counties, 5 reservations and 205 incorporated Idaho cities. Idah❤️me❣️❣️ #Kelley4Idaho ... See MoreSee Less

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#1-Grangeville, ID. What a mammoth ending to our tour of Idaho. 🐘 Grangeville was a phenomenal last stop; with a beautiful downtown, more friendly Idahoans & YES, their very own Mammoth. Stop #205!!! 😀❤️#Kelley4Idaho ... See MoreSee Less

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#2-Cottonwood, ID. I got to run with the big dogs today, in Cottonwood, ID. And, what a true pleasure it was to meet and visit with Dennis Sullivan, owner of the Dog Bark Park. Did you know it's a bed and breakfast (there's a photo of a model, displaying the interior) and that the fire hydrant is actually a porta-potty (2 legged on the inside and 4 legged on the outside)? Thank you for the beautiful gift, Dennis and for spending time with me, this morning. What a true joy! #Kelley4Idaho ... See MoreSee Less

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#3-Ferdinand, ID. I loved the warm welcome I received today, in Ferdinand. Friendly waves, smiling faces and lots of well wishes! I learned something new on this stop...I knew my RV would go under a 14' bridge, but I wasn't sure about 13' 9" of my photos proves that I can at least go under that low...I pray I don't have to really find out how low I can go. 😀 I also thought of my dad on this stop...he worked at Phillips 66, when I was born (he went back to school to become a dentist, when I was 6 weeks old). ❤️ Thank you for a great stop, Ferdinand. #Kelley4Idaho ... See MoreSee Less

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