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2018 Lt. Governor

I grew up in a small rural town in Idaho, believing I lived in the greatest state. Now, I am a successful mother, business woman, and Legislator who still believes Idaho is the greatest state.

Join me as I work to become Idaho's next Lt. Governor.

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To encourage and create better efficiencies in government.


This doesn’t mean just more jobs, it also means better-paying jobs.


Identify major issues and strategies before legislative sessions start.

2018 Legislative Session

The 2018 Legislative session is in full swing. Check back each week as I post a new video of what's going on during the session.


Keep updated on the campaign and the issues facing Idaho.

The Idaho Tour Is Complete

We did it! 44 counties, 5 reservations and 205 incorporated Idaho cities. I love Idah❤️ !

Kelley Packer 200 City RV Tour

200 Cities Visited

Grangeville, Idaho- Today, Idaho Lt. Governor candidate Kelley Packer visited her 200th city and all five Indian Reservations in Idaho. When Packer kicked off her campaign on April 10th, she committed to touring Idaho by making stops at all 200 incorporated cities and the five federally recognized Indian Reservations by the end of October.

Campaign Updates

My Priorities for Idaho

My Priorities for Idaho

In the past months, I have logged thousands of miles on my purple RV campaigning to become Lt. Governor. Traveling between Idaho’s borders, I’ve met thousands of Idahoans. I marveled at the varied circumstances and the beauty of Idaho’s diverse geography.

Since I've already started to receive emails that are filled with misinformation and misconceptions about the dental benefits for Medicaid, I thought I'd fill everyone in here about what I'm really co-sponsoring this year.

During the recession, the legislature removed the dental benefits for Medicaid to help us cut costs. In 2014, we reinstated only the emergency portions of those benefits, which is the most costly of the benefits. We all know that it's cheaper to pay for preventative care than emergent care.

So, I'm co-sponsoring legislation to reinstate the exact benefits to the Medicaid population that we had prior to the removal in 2006. Nothing more, or less. The estimated cost for these benefits is 1.4 million, but the estimated savings to current claims paid for emergency care and other expenses due to poor dental hygiene is 2.5 million, which is a savings to the State of an estimated 1.1 million dollars.

In addition, it's been proven that poor dental health and the pain associated with that condition leads to increased opiate use and keeps people from improving their personal situations, all which increases the price tag to the State; bad teeth make it hard to get a job, increased opiate use leads to increased incarceration expenses, etc.

I am not a tax and spend legislator. I genuinely work to find the right solutions to the issues facing our State. #Kelley4Idaho
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The first, and so far the only, legislation that has passed the legislature this year is a tax cut to our unemployment tax. It passed the House and the Senate unanimously. #Kelley4Idaho ... See MoreSee Less

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It was a true pleasure to meet with one of my constituents, Derek Gerber, to discuss PT legislation. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help him and the PT Association with getting their bill passed. I also want to give a shout out to his daughter, Marissa! #Kelley4Idaho ... See MoreSee Less

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